Research Interest

On Going Research Works :
  • C-H activated syntheses of ubiquitous organic architectures and valuable synthons : Studies on Csp3/sp2/sp-H and πbond activated functionalization, domino reaction, and cyclization.
  • Nanoscience and nanotechnology : Fabrication of high and low-valent metal nanomaterials and their applications in fundamental organic transformations including tandem cyclization, oxidative cyclization, reductive cleavage of homo- and heteroatomic bonds etc. Preparation of metal impregnated mesoporous materials for heterogeneous catalysis. Design, synthesis and fabrication of organic nanostructured materials, investigating their aggregation induced enhanced emission (AIEE), optical properties and construction of organic nanodevices for high-tech optoelectronic applications.
  • Surfactant-based green chemistry : Design, synthesis and development of properties of chiral surfactant, fabrication of surfactant-assembled nanoreactor in nonconventional media (water) and development of non-metallic Lewis acid-like oxidant for C-H, N-H and -bond activated fundamental organic transformations, oxidative cyclization, direct transfer of halides etc.
  • Asymmetric synthesis : Asymmetric synthesis of novel chiral heterocycles utilizing natural precursors (amino acid derivatives), asymmetric induction by designing new chiral ligands and double asymmetric induction.
  • Carbohydrate Chemistry : Glycal and related sugar chemistry and Their application as a potential drug and organic nanomaterials in organic electronis.
  • Theoretical and experimental studies : Theoretical calculation for geometrical optimization of the target functional molecules with multiple stereogenic centers, intermediates and transition states of the ongoing reactions are executed using density functional theory (DFT) as implemented in Gaussian-09. DFT studies are also going on to know the insights and driving force for organization of the nanobuilding blocks in the nanostructured organic materials.
  • Designing Nanomaterial in Virtual Nanolab : Virtual fabrication of nanomaterial in DFT and Python-based ATK software for organic electronics.
  • Medicinal Chemistry : Development of new generation drugs for malaria and tuberculosis (joint in a national program) with OSDD, CSIR, Govt. of India.
Research Guidance
  • No of Ph. D. awarded/Submitted: 8
  • No. of present Ph.D. students: 10
  • No. of present Postdoctoral Fellow: 10 (Kothari Fellow from UGC, Govt. of India)
Research Experience: 20 years
  • Research experience abroad
    School of Medicine, Wayne State University, Detroit, U.S.A.; Major topic of research: Synthesis of 11C and 18F-Radio Labeled Pharmaceuticals for human brain imaging; Duration 2 yrs. (July,2002-June2004).
  • Research experience in India
    Dept. of Chemistry, University of Calcutta, Kolkata; Major topic of research: Synthetic organic chemistry, nanoscience and medicinal chemistry; Sept. 2005- Till Date.
    Dept. of Chemistry, Jadavpur University, Kolkata; Major topic of research: Carbohydrate Chemistry & Preparation of Organogelator; 4Yrs. (Jan.,2000-June,2002 & July, 2004 –Sept., 2005).
    Medicinal Chemistry Division, Indian Institute of Chemical Biology, Kolkata; Major topic of research: Studies on stereoselective synthesis of organic compounds; 5 Years (December 1993-August 1998.
    R & D, Ciba India Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai; Major topic of research: Synthesis high value pigment QA-505; 1 Year ( August, 1998-April,1999).
    R & D of pharmaceuticals, RPG Life Science Ltd., Navi Mumbai; Sythesis of Optically Pure Pharmaceutical sertraline; 1 Year (April,1999-December,1999)