Dr. Dilip Kumar Maiti, FRSC

Total Publications in SCI Journals: ~102 (Selected Papers)

Author List Yr. Title of the Paper Journal Name IF Page
R. N. Mitra, K. Show, D. Barman, S. Sarkar, D. K. Maiti*  2018 NHC-Catalyzed Dual Stetter Reaction: A Mild Strategy for Naphthoquinones, Sugar-Based Chiral Analogues and Isoflavanones J. Org. Chem.    5
T. K. Panda, M. K. Panda and D. K. Maiti* 2018 Inkless Writing and Self-Erasing Security Feature of (Z)-1,2-Diarylacrylonitrile-Based Materials: A Confidential Data Communication ACS Applied Material Interfaces    8 8,  00, DOI: 10.1021/acsami.8b08279
Anirban Kayet, Sk Ajarul, Sima Paul, and Dilip K. Maiti* 2018 5-Annulation of Ketoimines: TFA-Catalyzed Construction of Isoindolinone-3-carboxylates and Development of Photophysical Properties Journal of Organic Chemistry  5 83, 8401
Tanmay K. Pati,Sudipto Debnath,Mrinalkanti Kundu,Uttam Khamrai,and D. K. Maiti* 2018 3‑Amino-1-methyl‑1H‑pyridin-2-one-Directed PdII Catalysis: C(sp3)−H Activated Diverse Arylation Reaction Organic Letters  7 20, 5964
N. Singha,  M.Mahapatra, M. Karmakar, H. Mondal, A. Dutta, P. Chattopadhyay, Dilip K. Maiti* 2018 Effect of Comonomer Compositions in Pectin-grafted Terpolymer Network Hydrogels for Ligand-Selective Removals of Hg(II), Cd(II), Cr(III), and Dyes ACS Omega New 3, 4163-4180
N. Singha, A. Dutta, M. Mahapatra, M. Karmakar, H. Mondal, P. Chattopadhyay, D. K. Maiti* 2018 Guar Gum-Grafted Terpolymer Hydrogels for Ligand-Selective Individual and Synergistic Adsorption: Effect of Comonomer Composition ACS Omega New 3, 472-494 
R. R. Mondal, S. Khamarui, D. K. Maiti* 2017 LED-Light Activated Diaziridination: An Unsymmetrical Cyclization of Amine and 1,2-Diol to Trisubstituted Aziridines and Chiral Analogues Organic LettersSelected as the ACS Editor’s Choice     7 19, 5964-5967
D. K. Maiti* S. Debnath,M. Nawaz, B. Dey, E. Dinda, D. Roy, S. Ray, A. Mallik, S. A. Hussain 2017 Polarization organic nanoelectronics of phenazines: non-volatile RRAM and WORM memory application Scientific Reports 5 7, 13308 (1-10) 
T. Das, S. Debnath, R. Maiti, and D. K. Maiti* 2017 Multifold C-C Coupling and Unorthodox Cyclization Catalysis for Selective Synthesis of Indolo-triarylmethanes, Indolo-carbazoles and Analogues: A Control Experiment Study Journal of Organic Chemistry 5 82,688-700
S. Ghosh, S. Debnath, U. K. Das, D. D. Joarder, D. K. Maiti* 2017 Fabrication and Diverse Ring-Expansion Nanocatalysis of Functionalized Pt-Nanoparticles to a General Synthesis of Pyrrolines: A 3D-Mid-IR Study Ind. Eng. Chem. Res. 3 56, 12056-12069
S. Pal, D. K. Maiti 2017 A Rapid Colorimetric and Fluorimetric Selective Sensor for Detecting Biological SO2 in Food and Living Cells ACS Omega New 2, 8633−8639
B. Naskar, R. Modaka, Y. Sikdar, D. K. Maiti, A. Bauzá, A. Frontera, A. Katarkar, K. Chaudhuri , S. Goswami 2017 Fluorescent sensing of Al3+ by benzophenone based Schiff base chemosensor and live cell imaging applications: impact of keto-enol tautomerism Sensors & Actuators: B. Chemical 5 239, 1194-1204
S. Samai, D. Ghosh, S. K. Manna, U. K. Das, S. Atta and D. K. Maiti* 2016 Switchable ion dipole promoted rapid [2+2+2][3+2] dual cyclization of an assembly inside micro aqueous micelles: first direct syntheses of highly substituted phthalimides. Green Chemistry  9 18, 2961-2967
R. R. Mondal, S. Khamarui, and D. K. Maiti* 2016 CuBr-ZnI2 Combo-Catalysis for Mild CuI-CuIII Switching sp2C-H Activated Rapid Cyclization to Quinolines and Sugar-Based Chiral Analogues: Reaction, XPS/UV-Vis Study and Mechanism ACS Omega New 1,251-263
R. M. Laha, S. Khamarui, S. K. Manna and D. K. Maiti* 2016 In Situ Generated AgII-Catalysed Selective Oxo-Esterification of Alkyne with Alcohol to α-Ketoester: Photophysical Study Organic Letters 7  18,144-147
S. Sarkar, R. M. Laha, R. N. Mitra and D. K. Maiti* 2016 PdII-NHC Catalyzed Oxidative Aldehyde-sp2C-H Functionalisation and Cyclization Using Inert-Mild Oxygen Source DMSO to Selective Synthesis of Esters, Sugar-Based Analogues and β-Hydroxy Chromanones: An O18-Labelling Study ACS Omega New 1, 981−995
S. Khamarui, Y. Saima, R. M. Laha, S. Ghosh and D. K. Maiti* 2015 Functionalised MnVI-nanoparticles: an advanced high-valent magnetic catalyst Scientific Reports 5 5, 8636  (1-8)
Khamarui, R. Maiti and D. K. Maiti* 2015 General base-tuned unorthodox synthesis of amides and ketoesters with water  Chemical Communications  6  51,384-387
S. Samanta, D. Roy, S. Khamarui and D. K. Maiti* 2014 Ni(II)–salt catalyzed activation of primary amine-sp3C α–H and cyclization with 1,2-diketone to tetrasubstituted imidazoles Chemical Communications 6  50, 2477-2480
S. Ghosh, S. Khamarui, K. S. Gayen and D. K. Maiti* 2013 ArCH(OMe)2 – a PtIV-catalyst originator for diverse annulation catalysis Scientific Reports 5  3,2987(1-7)
T. Sengupta, S. Khamarui, S. Samanta and D. K. Maiti* 2013 Synthetically useful noncatalytic strategy: a stereocontrolled rapid cyclization of a three component system to afford hexahydropyrrolizines Chemical Communications  6 49, 9962-9963
T. Sengupta, K. S. Gayen, P. Pandit and D. K. Maiti* 2012 FeCl3(H2O)6 catalyzed activation of acetoacetanilide: Aldehyde tuned intermolecular cyclization to valuable 2-pyridone analogues Chemistry A European Journal 6  18, 1905-1909
K. S. Gayen, T. Sengupta, Y. Saima, A. Das, A. Mitra and D. K.Maiti* 2012 Cu(0) nanoparticle catalyzed efficient reductive cleavage of isoxazoline and domino cyclization in water medium Green Chemistry  9 14,1589-1592
Y. Saima, K. S. Gayen, T. Sengupta, A. Mitra and D. K.Maiti,* 2012 Efficient catalytic cyclizations of three and two imine assemblies: directaccess to tetrahydroimidazo[1,5-c]imidazol-7-ones and imidazoles Chemical Communications  6 48, 6601-6603
D. Dhara, K. S. Gayen, S. Khamarui, P. Pandit, S. Ghosh and D. K. Maiti,* 2012 CeCl3·7H2O catalyzed C−C and C−N bond-forming cascade cyclization with subsequent side-chain functionalization and rearrangement: A domino approach to pentasubstituted pyrrole analogues Journal of Organic Chemistry 5 77, 10441-10449
S. Khamarui, D. Sarkar, P. Pandit and D. K. Maiti* 2011 A fast and selective decarboxylative difunctionalization and cyclization for easy access to gem-dihalo alcohol, ether, ester and bromo-1,4-dioxane Chemical Communications  6 47, 12667-12669
P. Pandit, K. S. Gayen, S. Khamarui, N. Chatterjee and D. K. Maiti* 2011 Addition of halide to π-bond directly from aqueous NaX solution: a general strategy for installation of two different functional groups Chemical Communications 6 47, 6933-6935
P. Pandit, N. Chatterjee and D. K. Maiti* 2011 First synthesis of fused-∆1-pyrrolines via intramolecular 1,3-dipolar cycloaddition of ketoimine: A complete diastereoselective approach Chemical Communications  6 47, 1285-1287
D. K. Maiti,*N. Chatterjee and S. K. Hota 2010 Generation of azomethine imine and metal free formal 1,3-dipolar cycloaddition of  imine with PhIO: reaction, scope, and synthesis Chemical Communications 6 46, 2022-2024
D. K.Maiti,* S. Halder, P. Pandit, N. Chatterjee, D. D. Joarder, N. Pramanik, Y. Saima, A. Patra and P. K. Maiti 2009 Synthesis of glycal based chiral benzimidazoles by VO(acac)2-CeCl3 combo catalyst and their self-aggregated nanostructured materials Journal of Organic Chemistry  5  74, 8086-8097
P. Pandit, N. Chatterjee, S. Halder, S. K. Hota, A. Patra and D. K.Maiti* 2009 PhIO as a powerful cyclizing reagent: regiospecific [3+2]-tandem oxidative cyclization of imine toward cofacially self-aggregated low molecular mass organic materials Journal of Organic Chemistry  5  74, 2581-2584
N. Chatterjee, P. Pandit, S. Halder, A. Patra and D. K.Maiti* 2008 Generation of nitrile oxides under nanometer micelle built in neutral aqueous media: synthesis of novel glycal-based chiral synthons and optically pure 2,8-dioxabicyclo[4.4.0]decene core Journal of Organic Chemistry  5 73,7775-7778